Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inking Materials

Jake Parker listed some of the materials he uses for Inktober so I thought I'd share the ones I use.

I'm really enjoying the Prismacolor Assorted Marker set. It comes with pens ranging from a thin 005 to a thickness of 08, and it even includes a brush pen. The only problem with the brush pen is that the tip starts to wear out rather quickly. If you're handy with an x-acto knife you can trim the point.

I have an extra sepia brush pen that I've been trying out. I like the color of it. The Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick is great for erasing hard to reach detail areas where the kneaded eraser can't reach. When it comes to pencils, I use whatever I have lying around at the moment. If I make any mistakes inking, which happens, I use a standard whiteout pen that I've had for years.

Click the images for larger views.

I've been using Bristol 100LB Vellum and a standard black cover sketchbook. I don't recommend the sketchbook because the ink bleeds quite a bit on that paper. I like it because I can carry it with me anywhere I go. 

I use two clips to hold the pages of the sketchbook down flat. Otherwise, they either flap in the wind or create a paper bubble which makes inking difficult.

For the most part, I begin with a pencil sketch. Next, I transfer the drawing onto the Bristol vellum using a lightbox. Sometimes I dive right into inking over the sketch, and once finished, erase all of the pencil marks underneath.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my process and materials. 

Time to create my next Inktober drawing!!!

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